Level 2.3 (Lessons 33-40)

Complete your training of Level 2 by learning the FIRE version of the Arrapukai form and consolidating your learning off all initial Meippayattu forms.

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Level 2.3: Finding balance through the Meippayattu

Consolidate your learning of the Siva and Sakti forms (both water and fire variations)

Over these 8 lessons you will :

  • Consolidate learning of Siva form 1 and Sakti WATER
  • Learn new* FIRE variation of the Sakti form
  • Learn new* VANAKAM numbers 4 + 5
  • Learn new* central style footwork
  • Consolidate learning of Southern empty-hands 1-3

About your teacher

Adam has been practising Kalari for almost 20 years, first encountering the practice as an actor in training. In 2001, he visited India and became a student of Gurukkal CM Sherif at Kerala Kalarippayattu Academy in Kerala.

Since then he has become a senior teacher of the school, and is now one of the most experienced non-Indian practitioners of the art, leading workshops in UK, Poland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Russia, Greece and Italy.

Alongside his practice of Kalarippayat and the healing art Kalari Chikitsa, he has trained as both an actor and physiotherapist and has used Kalari in both disciplines to gain deeper understanding of the psycho-physical process involved in body conditioning and re-education.