This 8 lesson bundle completes the Level 1 course: Foundations of practice.

Over lessons 9 - 16 you shall learn:

  • The first 4 Kalugal (leg swings/kicks)
  • The first 2 ground exercises for upper body strengthening
  • How to use the Vadivu (postures) for core strengthening and stability
  • The Arrapukai form (waterversion) of Meippayattu
  • The first prayer form (Ishvari vanakam) of northern-style Kalari
  • The first empty-hands form of southern-style Kalari (Thekkan)

By the end of this course you will have a 60 minute training program, that you can do independently and you shall be ready to progress onto Level 2: Building Flow and Release.

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Bundle 3: Second Half of Series 1 (Lessons 9-16)

This bundle comprises Lessons 9-16 (silver iv to viii).