Level 1: Bundle 1 (Lessons 5 - 8)

This bundle contains lessons 5 to 8 of the Level 1 course: Foundations of practice.

Each lesson is 35 - 45 minutes long and will take you progressively through the Vandanaam form and the first steps of the Arrapukai (water version).

Here is a breakdown of what you shall learn in each lesson:

Lesson 5. Completing the Kalari Vandaanam;

Lesson 6. Learning the lamp salutation;

Lesson 7. Beginning the Arrapukai form;

Lesson 8. Progressing the Arrapukai - The core of Cranio-Sacral exercise.

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Level 1: Bundle 1 (Lessons 5-8)

Vandaanam, Lamp Salutation and Intro to Arrapukai

This bundle contains lessons 5-8 of Level I (Foundations of Practice) and follows directly on from Silver part 1:The bundle contains: • Silver 2 (Lessons 5-6): Completing the Vandaanam form and Lamp Salutation• Silver 3 (Lessons 7-8): Beginning the Arrapukai form