What is Intrinsic Equilibrium?

Our spine has evolved over 1000s of years to perform the functions required of it. On the one hand this is protect the delicate structures within the spinal chord (protection) and on the other, to allow dexterity of movement (mobility).

The spine is able to achieve this because of something called Intrinsic Equilibrium. This is essentially the ability of the sine to return to straight, following any displacement. It is achieved through a series of mechanisms that require no involvement of the muscular or voluntary nervous systems i.e. no energy is required. This movement back to straight is therefore 'free movement'.

In observation of animals, we see all the time. Think of a cat as it realigns itself in the air to land on 4 feet; or a squirrel as it flies from one branch to another.

To encourage the body then, to realise this built-in ability to realign, is to realise the animalistic nature of our physical selves and to return to a way of moving, which is inherently human.

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What is Intrinsic Equilibrium?

Intrinsic Equilibrium is the ability of our spine to realign itself, without any energy demand. It is an inherent ability and is realised throughout the animal kingdom. Through maintaining effortlessness in practice, we can access these mechanisms also and gain access to the 'free movement' they provide. Essentially, we are allowing the animalistic nature of our bodies to work for us.