What is Ballistic Stretching?

When lengthening muscle we are limited by the stretch receptors of the muscles themselves. These pull-back and prevent the muscle from lengthening during normal static stretching (like in hatha yoga).

With Ballistic stretching we use the forces of momentum plus gravity, to exert a pulling force on the muscle that the stretch-receptors are unable to resist. We essentially trick the receptor into not pulling-back and in so doing we lengthen the muscle tissues.

This is how the Kalugal (leg swings/kicks) can be so effective at lengthening muscle.

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Kalari Science: Part 4

What is Ballistic stretching?

Ballistic stretching is very different to the static stretching we know from Hatha Yoga.

Ballistics uses momentum to essentially 'trick' the muscles into lengthening - clever stuff!

Watch this video lesson to find out how it works and how in Kalari, we use Ballistics to lengthen the myofascial chains of the body.