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Welcome back to Kalari Lab Online Academy

The only virtual academy in the martial and healing art of Kalarippayattu.

Below you will find the curriculum for Lessons 9-16 of our Level 1 course.

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In the 1st week you'll go deeper into the Arrapukai form by adding the Kalugal (leg swings) into the sequence. We shall also look at the 2nd and 3rd Kalugal separately and how to deepen these exercises to improve hip stability and strength in the external and internal rotators. By the end of the 2 lessons you will start to feel the flow in the Arrapukai and your body will start to flow more and more with ease.

In the 2nd week you shall learn the first one-legged posture, the Peacock, as well as the Wild-Boar posture. You shall learn how to bring this posture into the Arrapukai form and how to make a turning-jump and land into horse. We shall also look at the Wild-Boar posture and see how it fits into the Arrapukai.

In the 3rd week you'll learn how to progress the 2nd and 3rd Kalugal. We'll add the 2nd and 3rd turns to the Arrapukai form and conclude with its closing. By the end you will also start practising the Vadivu for strengthening.

During week 4 of the course we shall work on adding extension of the hip to the Kalugal. This will bring dynamism and power to the kicks. We shall then break down the Arrapukai form and practice the individual components, before running through the complete form, in one flow.We shall discuss how to bring momentum and flow into the movements, to release tensions in the body and calm the mind.

By the end of this course you will have a 60 minute training program, that you can do independently and you shall be ready to progress onto Level 2: Building Flow and Release.

Advise from your teacher:

Before starting the training videos please look over the 30-day training program and if you are worried about your age or physical condition, please do contact me directly. Also, please do not attempt these lessons before first completing Level 1.1 (Lessons 1-8); these are essential to prepare your body for the exercises/techniques covered in Level 1.2.

I am very happy to see you progressing through the course, and hope you continue to remain dedicated to yourself and your practice.

Adam Phillips

Kalari Lab Online

The only virtual academy in Kalarippayattu

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About Instructor

Adam Phillips

An authentic lineage

Adam Phillips has been practising Kalari for over 20 years, first encountering the practice as an actor in training. In 2001, he visited India and became a student of Gurukkal CM Sherif at Kerala Kalarippayattu Academy (KKA) in Kerala. Since then he has become a senior teacher of the school, and is now one of the most experienced non-Indian practitioners of the art, leading workshops in UK, Poland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Russia, Greece and Italy.

Kalari Lab

In 2016 he relocated to Ko Pha Ngan island in Thailand and founded Kalari Lab as a centre for teaching, treatment and research into the martial and healing art of Kalari. Since then several hundred students have trained and received treatment at Kalari Lab and the centre is now becoming well recognised and receiving students from all over the world.

Kalari Lab Online

In response to the request of many of his students, Adam has created Kalari Lab Online: an online learning environment, the first online virtual academy and what is becoming the first online encyclopedia of the techniques within Kalarippayattu. Kalari Lab Online has been designed to provide ongoing support to existing and future students of Kalari and to form a strong and vibrant community of practitioners, to bring cohesion and motivation to students globally.

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