Course Description

BRONZE course description

Welcome to Kalari Lab online

- the only virtual school in the Martial and Healing art of Kalarippayattu. 

You have begun the training as a BRONZE PASS holder. 

Lets take a look together at the course. 

Training videos: 

Included in the BRONZE course are Lessons 1-3 of the Level 1 course: First Foundations. 

Here you will learn the first warm-ups from Kalari (LOHAR) which are designed to improve flexibility, strength and balance. They are grounding exercises and can be practised alone if you have only 15 minutes available to train - this is an excellent use of that time. 

The next ting we will learn is the first of the leg-exercises of Kalugal (straight-leg kick). This works to lengthen the muscles in the back of the legs and down the back of the body. You will feel a significant increase in hip flexibility from this exercise. 

We then move onto the postures of Kalari, the building blocks of the forms (VADIVU). In this free beginners course you shall learn Horse, Elephant and Cat. As stand-alone exercises these are excellent for improving joint stability, increasing muscle strength and length. 

These VADIVU are then put together to make the first steps of the first form from Northern style Kalar (Vadakkan). This is called the Kalari Vandanam. Over lessons 1-3 you will start to see how these forms are constructed by linking together the VADIVU. 

It is of course a beginners level training and is just scraping the ice-burg of knowledge that is contained within Kalarippayattu. Saying that, these 3 lessons give you enough to make significant changes to your body-mind and you will feel the difference after the 10-day program. 

Kalari Science videos: 

As bonus material on this free course we have included the first discussion from the Kalari Science series. This introductory video looks at how your body's connective tissue (fascia) plays an important role in your health and how Kalari, as a training system, can help to maintain it in a healthy state. 

Advise from your teacher:

Before starting the training videos please look over the 10-day training program and if you are worried about your age or physical condition, please do contact me directly.

You can do this through the teachable app (see 'contact teacher' button above) or through our Kalari Lab Online Forum on Discord.

Here is the link: Click here to join our Forum

I am very happy to have you as a student and on behalf of the whole team, welcome you to Kalarilab Online, the only virtual school in Kalarippayattu.

Adam Phillips

Senior Teacher, Kalari Lab Online